Toddo Land

Toddo Land is a fun mobile game for kids which supports the kids to develop kognitive skills.

Client: dreipol GmbH
Agency: dreipol GmbH
Illustration & animation: Stephanie Stutz
Game Development: Nija Nicholic
Fotography: Gina Held

For more information visit the dreipol Toddo Land Case Study

Toddo Land Trailer

After we came up with the idea of developing a game for kids we suspected that it’s going to become a difficult challenge. In collaboration with several kids and their parents we arranged testings for the prototype and did surveys with many parents to learn more about the needs and demands of our young target audience.

The game development process was iterative. We did several researches and workshops to find out in which direction we wanted to move with our game concept. The first prototype contained four mini games that we tested with very young children to find out which one they liked the most. Surprisingly, they liked all of the mini games.

We decided to keep all the mini games in the game and actually developed another one because we liked the idea of creating a “wold of mini games” which are fun on the one hand and support the playing child at its cognitive development.
Each game is based on one of the following topics: Reactivity, creativity, logic, coordination, exploration.

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