ewz Annual Report 2018

The Zurich based digital agency KiloKilo collaborated with me to create the fully digital and interactive annual report 2018 for ewz the electricity facility of Zurich.

Client: ewz
Programming & compositing: KiloKilo
Illustration & animation: Stephanie Stutz


The ewz annual report contains a beautiful landing page and two side scrolls, which are waiting to be explored by the user. Each of them includes an individual world and highlights the most important projects of ewz in 2018. By clicking on one of the projects the user receives detailed informations about the progress of the project during this year.

The process of creating the 3d world
First of all I did an art research to see what’s already existing and what are cutting edge 3d design trends. Afterwards, we discussed different 3d styles and decided to go for a low poly style and stylised proportions of the objects.
After sketching the whole world on big papers, I started to model a small series of different objects in Cinema 4D to set up a 3d workflow, playing around with the corporate colors and to have a base for further discussions with the client.
After some minor adjustments I could start to work on the whole world.

The parallax effect
In the beginning, I had the idea of designing single islands, which I wanted to put together in After Effects manually. Unfortunately, this approach was too time consuming because I had to place and adjust the cameras for every island separately. Therefore, we decided to work with just four layers in After Effects to achieve the parallax effect. The main layer was designed entirely in Cinema 4d and was exported as a long png file with a very high resolution. All the other layers (foreground, backgrounds) were composed directly in After Effects with small pngs.

The animations
They were created either directly in After Effects or, if they were a bit more complex, done in Cinema 4D and later exported as png sequences.

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