Niche - A genetics survival game

Niche – A genetics survival game is a Swiss game project that was released in September 2017 on Steam and GOG. It’s a huge success not only because the game uses real genetic rules but there was a great marketing strategy built around the game which attracted more than 30'000 indie gamers around the world, who support the game financially and verbally. More than 50'000 units have been sold to date.

During the development process of the game I could create some of the early 3d models, the promo visuals for their Steam Greenlight release, the Kickstarter campaign and the Steam full release.

Even though, my most important contribution to the game was the intro animation for the story mode. You’ll find more informations about it below.

For the final release of the game I could create and animate the intro video which blends in when the player starts a new game within the story mode. It tells the story of Adam, a young «Nicheling» who was being captured by a hungry bird of prey while playing with his sibling. The game begins when Adam awakes on a foreign island without any family or friends.

My work station at Stray Fawn Studio when I was a freelancer there.

Up Next:

Character Design / Sketches